Grainger Market

A place of wander and wonder since 1835. Step inside and experience generations of preserved history within the magnificent Grade I listed building. Meander through history. Wander past the unique and wonder at the unexpected. Shop the handmade, taste the exotic, smell the fresh and experience the exciting. The historic alleyways are the result of unique characters, exciting cuisines and vibrant cultures fusing together to create an exceptional melting pot of human energy. This is the Grainger Market, the beating heart of Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Grainger Street, Newcastle, NE1 5QQ

35. Grainger Market

18th May Saturday Only

Open: 6-10.30pm

Animated Arcade
Is that a glint in a doll’s eye? A record spinning? A synthesiser playing itself? Are those naughty robots making a run for it? Digital artists Multiminded with illustrator Deborah Snell use projection mapping to animate the Grainger Market, imagining what happens when everyone has gone home.

There’ll also be plenty of special classes and activities, music, dancing, free tasters, art and discounts on offer all under cover in Newcastle’s oldest surviving retail destination.

Last entry 10pm

Grainger Market Grainger Street, Newcastle, NE1 5QQ

Maintained by Harry Bailey