Assembly House

The site of the present 55/57 Westgate Road has seen a wide range of occupants, and this stretch of Westgate Street was certainly occupied from the 15th Century.

55 Westgate Road, NE1 1SG
No wheelchair access.

0191 261 5618

35. Newcastle College

20th May

Assembly House will provide the grand setting for the Newcastle College University Centre BA (Hons) Fine Art degree show.

The exhibition will include a range of traditional and contemporary approaches to painting, sculpture, photography, and film and you'll be able to meet students and tutors to gain an insight into the artwork on display through student-led workshops.

First, second, and third year students will be exhibiting their work, representing the course collective at various stages in their artistic development. The exhibition will mark the culmination of the final year students’ studies before they embark upon a career in the arts.

No wheelchair access.

Show Times: 7-11pm

Assembly House 55 Westgate Road, NE1 1SG No wheelchair access.

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