The Pattern Shop

The Pattern Shop building, behind Newcastle Central Station, is where industrial pioneer Robert Stephenson built steam locomotives in the 1800s for export around the world, heralding the birth of the railway and a key moment in the industrial revolution. The building is truly unique and sits at the very heart of historic Newcastle.

South Street, Newcastle, NE1 3PD

35. The Pattern Shop

14th May

Join us for this one-off chance to view the Pattern Shop building, one of Newcastle’s hidden heritage gems, situated at the heart of the Stepheson Quarter.

This building has been off-limits for decades but with its restoration now in progress, we invite you to a sneak preview tour and drink with the team behind this project. Archival images will help tell the story of how Robert Stephenson’s locomotive designs revolutionised the railways and put Newcastle on the map as a centre for innovation and creativity.

For insurance purposes this event is only suitable for 18+.

The Pattern Shop South Street, Newcastle, NE1 3PD

Maintained by Harry Bailey