The Hub, Arcadea

Arcadea is a disability arts charity that runs; the Hub Studios, ICEbox and Sensation Studios. 

5th Floor Kelburn House, NE1 1YE

0191 222 0708

42. The Hub, Arcadea

14th May

Don’t be pig headed, make your way to the 5th floor social space for an immersive exhibition of life-sized animal busts handmade by artists at the HUB and ICEbox. Enjoy the sights and sounds of the plains, poles, sea, sky and fantasy realms! Drive a newly refurbished Scalextric amongst a menagerie of avant-garde beasts and challenge your friends at creature-team table Foosball. The Hub at Arcadea is a creative service for learning disabled and autistic adults and ICEbox is a youth club. Due to the support needs of their volunteers and for the event to be accessible for all members this event will end at 10pm.

The Hub, Arcadea 5th Floor Kelburn House, NE1 1YE

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