Shieldfield Art Works

A local arts organisation located in a refurbished Methodist church, encouraging the dialogue between art and faith.

1 Clarence Street, Newcastle, NE2 1YH

0191 447 6811

4. Bee Lines Through the City

13th May

Bee Lines Through the City explores the importance and interconnectedness of bees to nature’s diverse ecosystems. Through art, music, dance and crafts, Shieldfield Art Works will explore how bees relate to different aspects of the natural and human world through the food we eat, our culture and our environment. Investigate how humans can support bees through sustainable, local food growing and better urban planning, have fun contributing to a seed paper honeycomb wall, add to the bees stamped on the gallery wall (the aim is to represent 25,000 bee species) and create your own seed pod to grow wildflowers around Newcastle and beyond.

Shieldfield Art Works 1 Clarence Street, Newcastle, NE2 1YH

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