Gallagher & Turner

Gallagher & Turner is a modern & contemporary art gallery and specialist picture framer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, established in 1990 by Paul Gallagher and Clare Turner.

30 St Mary’s Place, Newcastle, NE1 7PQ

0191 261 4465

37. Gallagher & Turner

14th May

JohnnyX: Panic Picnic
Experience an exhibition of current work by JohnnyX, a Newcastle based printer, painter and multimedia artist. His work draws on all things popular culture and offers an alternate, often disarming, view of life's underbelly.

Bleed, Blend, Block Out, Burn
Discover a selection of screenprints by Kelly Stewart, Alex Charrington, Albert Irvin, Barbara Rae, James Williamson Bell, Ray Richardson and Hugie O'Donoghue.

Show Times: 7-11pm

Gallagher & Turner 30 St Mary’s Place, Newcastle, NE1 7PQ

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