Side Gallery

Side is dedicated to showing the best in humanist documentary photography.

5-9 Side, Newcastle, NE1 3JE

0191 232 2208

40. Side Gallery and Cinema

18th May

Yan Wang Preston: Forest

A photographic project; this British-Chinese artist spent eight years (2010-2017) investigating the politics of recreating forests and ‘natural’ environment in new Chinese cities.

Alys Tomlinson: Ex-Voto

A handwritten note neatly folded and hidden in the crevice of a rock, crosses etched onto stone, ribbon carefully wrapped around piles of twigs. These offerings of religious devotion, known as ‘Ex-Voto’, are found at Christian pilgrimage sites worldwide.

Nicole Polonsky: Lighting Up Time

A dynamic, participative piece created exclusively for the Late Shows (in Side Cinema). See Northern Print (Friday night) for more of Nicole Polonsky's work.

Side Gallery 5-9 Side, Newcastle, NE1 3JE

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