The Garage NCL

The garage provides a relaxed atmosphere for brunch, lunch and coffee.

67. Everything All At Once

18th May

Everything All At Once is a collaborative exhibition of paintings and performance by two Newcastle University students, Francesca Talboys and Jon Rolph.

Francesca’s large-scale oil paintings deal with colour and form as methods of expressing an experience of the world. The images are grounded in a combination of observed scenes, memories and drawings of spaces, which through the process of painting become abstracted and repurposed. The resulting images, while reminiscent of reality, are not of any one clear subject but aim to capture the feeling of existing within a space.

Jon’s performances are improvised collages of sound and image, utilising multiple projectors and tape players that surround the audience. The content presented is from a collection of cassettes and video footage Jon has found and created, a collection stemming from an interest in physical media that has been deemed obsolete. Each choice made during the performance is made instinctively, responding to the collage as it exists at that moment and the space it is presented within.

The Garage NCL

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