Star and Shadow Cinema

Star and Shadow Cinema is more than a cinema. It is an alternative social, cultural, arts and community hub run by a collective of volunteers.

Warwick Street, NE2 1BB

11. Event at Star and Shadow Cinema

18th May

The Star and Shadow is reopening on Warwick Street! Celebrating the completion of their mammoth DIY community cinema build, the venue doors reopen with a special night of music participation and performance assembled from their local community music organisations. City Youth Music and Chilli Road bands are ready and waiting to test out the new soundproofed walls, and you can learn to play the steel pans and join in with an on-stage perfomance (space permitting).Join in on the night by learning to play the steel pans. Meet the Star and Shadow volunteer builders – tours and talks throughout the night - ‘conception, crowdfunding, to completion’. As Star and Shadow is now a multi venue space, they will be programming a night of short film screenings from the Star and Shadow film archive.

Star and Shadow Cinema Warwick Street, NE2 1BB

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