St Dominic's Priory

A Grade II listed Dominican Priory Church in Newcastle.

New Bridge Street, Newcastle, NE1 2TP

0191 261 7632


18th May

HEAVEN AND EARTH: The culture of St Dominic’s and friends, through art, food and music… and the Something Invisible that holds it all together.

7.00-7.20pm St Catherine's School performance (excerpt from Hosanna)

7.25-7.45pm Filipino children's tribal dance

7.50-8.10pm African music and dance

8.15-8.35pm St Dominic's children’s performance art

8.40-9.00pm Axis Mundi: music and visual installation by Paul Taylor &

Richard Phipps

9.05-9.25pm Portuguese children's dance

9.30-9.50pm Geordie and Spanish poetry performance (Bill McCumiskey)

9.55-10.15pm Organ recital (Jeremy Maritz) and Latin Choir

10.20-10.40pm Axis Mundi (repeat)

10.45-11.00pm Compline led by the Dominican friars

Children’s activities and community ethnic food all evening.

St Dominic's Priory New Bridge Street, Newcastle, NE1 2TP

Maintained by Harry Bailey