Kommunity is a bar/participatory social space that hosts dance, art house film screenings and much more...

Market Street, Newcastle, NE1 6BH


66. STUDIO 54: Last Days of Disco

19th May

KOMMUNITY is a bar/participatory social space, based in the heart of Newcastle, that hosts dance, art house film screenings and much so more... and Just like Studio 54, KOMMUNITY has always been a space that is open to all, irrespective of gender, class, race, sexual orientation, age etc.

Your DJ for the night will be Newcastle's most glamorous - Absolutely Fabulous Lady Annabella Marczewska of Jesmond: DJ, club promoter, dancer, artist, model and member of punk transgressors Women in Revolt. Lady A will be spinning tracks from the original Studio 54 playlist.

In the late 1970s, the legendary nightclub Studio 54 played a formative role in the global growth of disco music and nightclub culture , exuding energy, glamour, and creativity, marking the beginning of an era where nightclubs existed as performance art and was one of the most important cultural landmarks of the 20th century.

Please feel free to enter into the spirit of the event by dressing to impress – even come along as one of the infamous Studio 54 patrons. There will be a prize for the best dressed guest – as well as a special prize for The Greatest Dancer.

Entrance to STUDIO 54 @ KOMMUNITY is FREE. (There will be a donations box on the door if you wish to contribute to the running of the event).

The evening will be dedicated to Craig Puranen Wilson aka 'Sheena Revolta’.

Kommunity Market Street, Newcastle, NE1 6BH

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