Jim Edwards Studio

Best known for his depictions of iconic North East buildings and bridges, ​Jim Edwards is one of the area's most distinctive painters.

57 Lime Street, NE1 2PQ.
No wheelchair access



6. Glow

18th May

Jim Edwards’ nightscape paintings are alive with a warmth that represents the vital life of a city at night. Through the layering of paint, the images take on a vibrancy that glows from the canvas. In a new series of works for The Late Shows, Jim is further exploring this concept of glowing, but applying this narrative to the natural environment. When elements of humanity become so embedded within nature, they are accepted as part of the environment, creating a magical quality that seems greater than the sum of its parts. Jim is hoping to capture the energy of these places, from the hauntingly beautiful Hadrian’s Wall, to the mysterious Shoe Trees of Heaton.

Jim Edwards Studio 57 Lime Street, NE1 2PQ. No wheelchair access

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