Gallagher & Turner

Gallagher & Turner is a modern & contemporary art gallery and specialist picture framer based in Newcastle upon Tyne, established in 1990 by Paul Gallagher and Clare Turner.

30 St Mary’s Place, Newcastle, NE1 7PQ

0191 261 4465

50. Event at Gallagher & Turner

19th May

This year Gallagher & Turner have teamed up with the music maestros over at Vinyl Guru to bring you a unique blend of art and punk rock. ‘Never Mind The Punk 45’ features décollages by Mal-One, cutting back from the original 7” artworks to show snippets of related material from the back story of bands like Buzzcocks, The Clash, Sex Pistols and The Ramones, using press cuttings, promo badges and tickets. Alongside the art there will be a pop-up record store with rare vinyls from the Guru’s collection and the Re:Peel DJs pumping out tunes to keep you dancing all night!

Gallagher & Turner 30 St Mary’s Place, Newcastle, NE1 7PQ

Maintained by Harry Bailey