Tyne Bank Brewery

Combining local passion with global reach to deliver the optimum depth of flavour for every product produced.

375 Walker Road, Newcastle, NE6 2AB

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15. Event at Tyne Bank Brewery

20th May

Make your mark at Tyne Bank Brewery by being a part of our large-scale interactive drawing activity.

A giant roll of paper stretched across a 20-metre-long wall awaits with coloured pencils suspended at different heights along its length. What will you draw? Well that’s really a question of how long is your piece of string?

Get involved, start a new section of this huge artwork or finish somebody else’s. And of course, kick back, relax and enjoy our fine selection of locally-brewed beers as the artwork evolves before you.

Tyne Bank Brewery 375 Walker Road, Newcastle, NE6 2AB

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