Grow to Glow

Grow to Glow are a UK based provider of skin care products made from entirely natural ingredients and using the properties of plants that can be foraged or grown in the UK, allowing your natural beauty to flourish.

4. Teatime Plant Stories

19th May 20th May


Unfortunately, due to sickness, Grow to Glow are no longer able to participate in The Late Shows. We're very sorry for the disappointment.

Teatime Plant Stories with Grow to Glow. On your journey through the Ouseburn you will be whisked off to meet the wild native weeds that spring up at the edges of lawns and through cracks in the pavement, learning how to identify and use the healing herbs that grow all around us.

Find out about the myths and folklore that surround the plants, before heading to our Swedish Rocket Stove for herbal tea tasting, recipe cards and demonstrations of crafts using wild plants.

Foraging tours every 20 minutes from 7pm until sunset

Grow to Glow

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