Shieldfield Art Works

A local arts organisation located in a refurbished Methodist church, encouraging the dialogue between art and faith.

1 Clarence Street, Newcastle, NE2 1YH

0191 447 6811

5. en_counter

13th May 14th May

Maps are all about power and control. In a world saturated by satnavs and GPS the Holy Biscuit will lure you to stray off the A to Z. Explore a world of mysterious maps, contemporary NewcastleGatesheads, created by people often made invisible in the official guides to the city: school pupils’ maps etched with gold leaf, maps of studentville in fear of libraries, maps made by the homeless literally nowhere or glossy hoardings where the familiar runs out. Encounter new cities of skateboard poetry, subvert the city with beautiful wax, and stop by for a game of Dungeons and Shopping Mall.

Shieldfield Art Works 1 Clarence Street, Newcastle, NE2 1YH

Maintained by Harry Bailey