St John the Baptist Church

Newcastle's 13th-century catholic tradition church dedicated to St John the Baptist.

Grainger Street, Newcastle, NE1 5JG

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40. Fathoms

14th May

“Fathoms” is an emotionally immersive multi-channel sound and video work based on explorations of underwater sound at Orkney in Scapa Flow's demersal zone (close to or on the sea floor) and the North Sea pelagic zone (open sea) running parallel to the Northumberland coast. It features underwater film of white beaked dolphin (Lagenorhynchus albirostris) pods currently under pressure from environmental pollution. Experiencing "Fathoms" washes away the debris of everyday life, transporting the listener back to the very core of their existence. It invites audiences to focus on the act of listening to the inaccessible, the underwater environment, enabling connections and encounters with non-humans and darker more beautiful realities. "Fathoms" also features a separate interactive element inviting visitors to explore underwater sound in a hands-on way, using hydrophones (underwater microphones) and underwater sound making devices to make recordings and contribute to a collaborative soundscape.

Funded by Art Council England and Newcastle Institute For Creative Arts Practice. Project partners: Newcastle Institute For Creative Arts Practice, School of Marine Science at Newcastle University, North Sea Pelagics -, EMEC Orkney (The European Marine Energy Centre Ltd).

St John the Baptist Church Grainger Street, Newcastle, NE1 5JG

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